I can only highly recommend Selen. After years of trying to find the diet that would fit me best and that I could do easily, finally, I got to meet Selen and her Alka-Terranean Method, which combined Alkaline Nutrition and a Mediterranean Diet. I was always very intrigued by the Mediterranean Diet and never managed to find a program that would fit me. Thanks to Selen’s approach, I lost more than 20 kilograms (44 lbs) without restricting myself and without dieting while forming healthy eating habits. I learned how to balance my eating and feel confident about it. Finally, after so many years of yo-yo dieting, I have managed to stabilize my weight. Selen is such a wonderful person, always available, extremely cultivated. She is not only a great nutritionist but also a great coach. She never judges you, only the opposite. She will keep you motivating you on and on! Selen has excellent patience as well. Thank you, Selen!

Victoria S.


Before I contacted Selen, I hit my highest weight yet and after trying all the diets in the world, I decided that enough is enough! With Selen’s coaching, I lost 9 kilos in 2 months and kept them off for another 4 months so far. For reference, I have an extremely petite frame given my height is 157cm making the results seem even more obvious.

I was sick of unsustainable diets that made me feel miserable and the continuous yo-yo of binge eating and restrictive diets. Selen's approach was extremely flexible, felt very forgiving and self-loving, from which I learned basic principles that help me manage my weight sustainably.

Now, I can wear ANYTHING I want!! I feel amazing- lighter and healthier and more confident with my body. I can work out without any knee pain and I enjoy being more active. At 36 years old, I’m back to my weight form 7 years ago ( a number I believed I would never see again throughout this period). , I’m so much happier and more confident and no longer hide in every room I walk into, or hide under baggy clothes or feel ashamed of the way I look. Selen changed my confidence and brought back my self esteem.

Duaa B.


I began working with Selen as an athlete, trying to get my body ready for my third marathon. Although I’d been running for years and eating what I thought was a healthy diet, her program and knowledge about food completely changed my energy levels and gave me ways to deal with cravings, traveling, and a busy life. My running and stamina improved so quickly even though I was training less than with previous marathons, and my body easily lost a few kg which wasn’t even the focus at this point.

After the marathon we continued working together focusing on sustainable weight-loss. I’d previously come to terms with my body gaining weight in off-seasons from training, and was careful around any diets as I didn’t want to trigger any disordered eating spirals. The mindset Selen helped me discover was adding options to my daily meals rather than removing things, and I noticed my body craved healthier foods and continued to lean out even when I was eating more and exercising less.

Having the accountability and direction of a coach changed everything for me, as we set consistent small habits and goals that were reachable every week, and Selen would explain emotional eating, tired eating, what to eat before a huge training session, and how to create a plan for myself that I’d be able to stick with forever, versus just a quick diet.

Selen has set me up for such a big life change, as I feel incredibly knowledgeable about food, how it affects my mood and sleep and training, and how I can live a full and satisfying life without restricting anything.

Elena G.


I had been an overweight girl since my childhood and despite trying so many diets under observation of medical doctors I kept failing every time and I was not happy as the diets that I was following were not for me. In 2015, I have started to work with Selen and I had unbelievable results in a short time. In addition to losing nearly 20kg and reaching my ideal weight in a reasonable time, I regained my health back and my diet was appreciated by my doctors due to the changes on my hormonal levels. Selen taught me what, how and when to eat properly and exchanged my bad eating habits into good ones in order to make this diet sustainable. As her Alka-Terranean Method consists of food that I like the most, I am not having issue to follow it and I can say that it is my lifestyle now. 

Cagla B.


Before I started working with Selen in the summer of 2018, I used to clean the food off my plate like a vacuum cleaner working flawlessly  When I first started at Selen’s program, nobody believed me that I could manage to follow her program and everyone told me that even if I succeed with Selen, as soon as I finish working with her I would turn back to to my old habits and quickly gain back the weight I lost. I used to weight 122 kg when I started working with her. After starting our program with Selen she told me everything about which food to consume and which food to avoid, when to consume each food and all the basic logic behind alkaline nutrition with great patience. She didn’t let me get bored and run away from her with her creative and tasty menus she shared every day. Achieving noticeable results in a short period of time also reinforced my trust in her. Today I am 81 kg at the end of the 6th month of our program. Since I started the program, I have been getting my blood tests regularly and all my blood levels have been excellent. I think Selen’s real success is making me love the foods like cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus which I had never consumed before I met with her. Right now, the food I used to consume before, seems like poison to me. To sum up, go to any dietitian if you want to lose weight; however, if you want to discover your healthier self and continue your life in this way, contact Selen immediately.

Murat A.

Start Your Transformation


During lockdown in London, me and my boyfriend had started eating like crazy. We needed somebody to hold our hands and we started with Selen’s couple’s coaching program. We were worried that we would be very hungry, but Selen conquered our hearts from the first day with the rich menus she wrote specially for us. She succeeded in making us love vegetables that we didn’t use to eat or prefer. Although the first days were a bit difficult, Selen really motivated us very much. My boyfriend, who was 96 kilograms before the program, lost 14 kilograms in a short amount of time like 3 weeks! And I started to look a lot fitter and healthier. When I look in the mirror I see more clear abdominal muscles now and my cellulites are reduced A LOT! This is a body I had been dreaming for a very long time  Many thanks to Selen, she guided us really well and most importantly gave us a new eating habit besides the weight we lost. We highly recommend her!!!

Melissa G.


I’ve been blown away by Selen and her nutrition program. I have worked with Selen multiple times over the past few years and have always been impressed by her ability to adapt to my likes and dislikes. Her program is tough, and she will keep you accountable, but if you stick to her plan you WILL see results in no time. Selen has helped me lose over 30 lbs in the duration of my time with her — 22 the first time, and 8 the second time, years later.

The best part about Selens program is that by the end of it, you will notice that your entire perspective on nutrition and eating habits have changed. Her menus are backed with science, results and deliciousness. I highly recommend her!!

Katharine K.


I worked with Selen with her for just a month and I learned a lot about alkaline nutrition and my response to gluten, sugar and alcohol. I found it very instructive and although weight-loss wasn’t my objective as I don’t believe it’s the most accurate measure of wellness and health, I do feel lighter and my clothes fit me better. I noticed some changes since the programme: I don’t feel hungry, need less sleep and I’m less irritable. I really enjoyed the method of writing a food journal and having light meals in the evening. I felt a lot more energetic when on the program and I immediately noticed the impact on my energy when I didn’t follow the guideline properly.
Overall I feel more in control of my habits and that has had a balancing and stabilizing impact on my life.
The measurable result is dropping about a size, which for someone my height and weight is impactful. However, the longer-term, qualitative result is a better understanding of my habits and knowing how to eat and drink to feel less hungry and not sluggish. I strongly recommend Selen to anyone ready to make a change in their lifestyle and eating habits.

Anna C.


I live abroad and alone. When the lockdown started, I started to eat and cook like crazy out of boredom. Yes, I am a stress eater! or boredom eater. As I had a similar phase in my life back in 2016, I knew that this wouldn’t end well. I saw Selen’s interview in instagram and her program raised my interest. Her coaching, tracking and her program was exactly what I needed during this lockdown/homeoffice period. Not only I didn’t gain weight, I even lost 5 kilos in a month even though I was already in the low side of the scale! I lost that 4 extra kilos that I couldn’t get rid of for years plus one extra! Now I am back to my high school weight even!  Lost all my college fat for good! Her diet also helped me with my IBS situation and I feel like I have more energy. The menus were also great and the tracking system gives motivation. I recommend Selen!

Ceren S.


Selen is a wonderful resource/nutritionist. I lost 10 pounds during my time with her (approx 2 months) even though I started at a healthy weight.  More importantly, my energy and hormonal balance restored. It improved my mood, body and skin! She was available for questions and went to extra mile to go through menus for certain situations when “healthy” options weren’t always available. I now feel I have the tools to continue an alkaline diet/lifestyle on my own. Thank you so much Selen for all the knowledge and information you provided!!

Jackie Spitzer


I’ve met Selen through one of my friend who lost shocking amount of weight with her. I was very impressed, she was looking fabulous & she was unrecognizable. After a long discussion she encouraged me that I can do as well. Right after I’ve contacted Selen to start a diet. I’ve lost more than 45 pounds in 7 months & still keep working with her for the stabilization phase. I can clearly say that her success comes from her discipline & her knowledge. She may be quite tough on the beginning, she may not have tolerance of any excuses.. But when you see the result you ll be proud of your self. She is doing her job very seriously & carefully. I’ve not only lost a weight, I’ve also changed my life style & my eating habits.. Now I am looking much more younger & healthier than before.. I am very thankful to Selen, she really changed my life.

Amanda C.


Selen’s coaching program was really helpful as it helped me have a daily contact and follow-up which I think is key. My overall experience was amazing! I would have never imagined losing that weight… it’s a huge achievement! I have always enjoyed food and learning how to eat right has changed my eating habits forever.

Paola A.


I’m really glad that I chose to work with Selen. I am finally able to break the never ending diet cycle thanks to Selen! She is very supportive and knowledgeable. She helped me not only to build a healthy relationship with eating, but also helped me to change my lifestyle and eating patterns forever. That was the best part of her program! Losing weight is just a plus of it  I recommend her to anyone who wants to form lifelong healthy eating habits while losing weight.

Erinc V.


I moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2.5 years ago. Being not good at cooking, living alone and cuisine difference were ruining my healthy eating intentions. Until I met Selen’s Alka-Terranean Method™️! Selen is a very professional, experienced and motivator coach who changes your life style! Now, I feel super energetic, fresh and I am much more fitter!

Elif N.


I consulted Selen from Dublin, Ireland.  Her daily special menus helped me to follow my diet easily, without getting bored. Knowing that she’s always on the other side of phone with her motivating approach helped me to lose the weight I gained when I moved abroad. But most importantly my blood tests revealed that, after alkaline nutrition my insulin resistance and cholesterol levels have lowered, whereas my folic acid and iron values increased!  Many thanks to Selen for not only helping me to get the body I wanted, but also helping me to get my health back!

Ilke A.


I was at the point of my life where I really had to move to a healthy life style. Most of the people consider or gives it a try but most of the time they are not able to succeed in their attempts. My breaking point occurred when I decided to work with Selen. Although she has an engineer background, she really amazed me with her knowledge on this subject, she really knows the algorithm of the Alkaline Diet. That’s exactly what I needed: “Understanding the healthy lifestyle with all what, when, how and most importantly, whys..“ We are finishing our 3rd month and so far I already lost 8kgs. Working with Selen will not only bring you a nice figure, it will also change your aura! The first thing I heard from my friends was that my energy/aura has changed in the most positive way. The reason behind was very simple: I was only eating good food for my body and soul! I sleep less hours now and waking up super early with lots of energy, and normally, I am not a morning person  Or maybe I was not used to be a morning person. I can only recommend Selen because I believe it will be the best investment you can do for your body + soul! Yes, I learned what healthy life is all about and most importantly how to keep it sustainable!

Ozge K.


I’ve tried a lot of diets. Selen’s Alka-Terranean Method™️ is the most sustainable one that you can stick with it for a long time without torturing yourself. Selen also taught me how to balance and compensate. With her, I reached my target weight, and there were severe positive changes in my skin, my mood, mental wellbeing as well as my immunity.

Gulse E.


With Selen’s coaching I lost 17 kgs (38 lbs) in 3 months! Plus: I am now feeling a lot lighter and energetic! Before Selen, I tried countless different diets, resulted with no success. I wanted to break this unhealthy cycle and the unhappiness that comes with it. Her approach was to the point and supportive. Her Alka-Terranean Method was easy and attainable.

Cem B.

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