This is my most high-touch program that GUARANTEES results through daily tracking and on the spot feedback.

(And yes, I can guarantee that because I have coached over 5000 people to lose weight and reach their wellness goals, with all my clients losing between 4-12kgs in their first month.)

Do you desperately want to lose weight or reach your wellness goals but are finding it hard to get yourself motivated? 🧐

Do you feel like social life is being an obstacle to your weight-loss and wellness journey?

Have you ever felt guilty for ruining your “diet” just because you had a slice of cake? 🍰

Have you ever allowed yourself a “cheat-day” and then kept eating fast food all day just to find yourself totally unmotivated to continue your “diet” the next day? 

If your answers are yes, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Almost all of the clients I have worked with always mentioned the same problems to me.

What if I also tell you that you don’t need to restrict yourself, “pause” your social life, cut-out food groups or count calories to lose weight or achieve your wellness goals?

There’s another way!

My method of coaching makes sure you get to enjoy your food and your social life whilst losing weight - FAST! (and achieve all your wellness goals)

I work with you to create a bespoke plan directly designed for YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE. While we are working together on your wellness goals I provide daily tracking and on the spot feedback so that you feel supported every step of the way. 

This high-end nutrition coaching strategy program is intimate, It’s bespoke. Tailored to YOU and tailored to YOUR DAY. 

Start Your Transformation

In this program, I’m gonna hand-hold you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, so that, instead of feeling restricted or guilty while losing weight and working on your wellness goals you can:

  • Feel empowered
  • Feel motivated and disciplined
  • Feel energized when you wake up in the mornings and throughout the day
  • Feel confident
  • Have glowing skin and hair
  • Say goodbye to bloating

Research suggests that we are 80% more likely to achieve our goals when we have external accountability. 

To hold you accountable and make the most of this important external accountability factor in my 1:1 coaching, I provide daily check-ins and feedback. 

I track your progress daily, tweak your customized plans dynamically, provide on the spot feedback and support. 

This method not only provides external accountability and push but it also motivates you for the better. 

👉🏾 Let’s say you had a “bad weekend” where you couldn’t follow any meal plans or did not get a chance to eat any vegetables at all → I tell you what you can do on Monday to balance it.

👉🏾 Or let’s say you had dinner out at a restaurant with friends and drink a bit too much alcohol. → I tell you what to do to help your body clean that alcohol afterwards.

In my 1:1 coaching, I also provide unlimited Whatsapp support. 

👉🏾 When you are at a restaurant and can’t decide which option to order. You can send me the photo of the restaurant menu and I’ll tell you what would be the best one for your weight-loss journey. 

👉🏾 When you feel overwhelmed or unmotivated, you shoot me a message and I can send you a voice note to lift you up and get you back on track.

This unique coaching approach of mine doesn’t only help you lose weight FAST and achieve your wellness goals, but it also teaches you how to integrate my Alka-Terranean Method into your daily life. 

That way, you know how to make it sustainable.

That way you feel confident that you can keep all the weight you lose off without any effort.

That way you can build lifelong habits.

Do you know 80% of my clients reach their weight-loss goal in the first 2 months and 70% of them are able to keep it sustainable.

How do I know this?

Because I contact my clients 6 months after we stop working and check-in with them.

When you reach your goal and when you’re done working with me, I don’t want you to ever need me again.

If this sounds good to you, if you feel you could use some external accountability to fast track your weight-loss journey, and if you’re ready to invest in yourself and your wellness, then it’s time we start working together. I can’t wait to help you.

The investment options for this high-end intimate bespoke coaching are:

6 Months Coaching → £1975 (payment plans available*)
3 Months Coaching →
£1190 (payment plans available**)
6 Weeks Coaching →
4 Weeks Coaching →

*6 months coaching can be paid in 3 installments of £670
**3 months coaching can be paid in 3 installments of

All my Nutrition Coaching and Consultation Services are drown upon my unique method, The Alka-Terranean Method™️ which will help you see results such as:

  • Fast, sustainable, intelligent weight-loss without dieting 
  • Lose between 4 to 12 kgs in your first month
  • Improved Gut Health 
  • Increased Energy (Wake up feeling energized in the mornings without an alarm clock)
  • Glowing Skin & Hair
  • Better Digestion & Less Bloating
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Easier PMS & Periods (many of my clients shared they noticed changes in their periods and PMS symptoms such as less pain, better mood etc..)


"Thanks to Selen’s approach, I lost more than 20 kilograms (44 lbs) without restricting myself and without dieting while forming healthy eating habits. I learned how to balance my eating and feel confident about it."

- Victoria S.

"I lost 10 pounds during my time with her (approx 2 months) even though I started at a healthy weight.  More importantly, my energy and hormonal balance restored. It improved my mood, body and skin!"

- Jackie S.

"I’ve lost more than 45 pounds in 7 months & still keep working with her for the stabilization phase."

- Amanda C.