Hello there, nice to meet you!

I’m Selen, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. 

(Qualified Nutritionist and member of the UK Health Coaches Association). 

I’m the creator and founder of the Alka-Terranean Method™ which is my signature method that provides FAST, SUSTAINABLE, INTELLIGENT weight-loss without dieting! With side effects such as: improved gut health, increased energy, stronger immunity, better hair & skin ;)

If you’ve found yourself here, you’ll soon realize I’m just like you in many ways. 

I spent years in the ‘yo-yo dieting’ cycle, constantly trying to find ways to lose weight. I’ve gone from one diet to the next, losing weight then gaining it all back again… Sound Familiar? 🤔


It was during the early years of my professional career as a Computer Engineer in Digital Banking that these frustrations consumed me mentally, becoming an added stress to my life and career. 

After years of subjecting my body to fad diets and spending thousands on nutritionists, my health reached the breaking point. I began to suffer severe digestive problems and other health implications, and at the early age of 24, I had to undergo gastroscopy & colonoscopy procedures. 

This was the wake-up call I needed to finally stop obsessing so much about dieting to lose weight, and instead, start to look after my health first. The journey to reclaim my health would lead me to transform my lifestyle and change my eating habits. 

Through this process, I not only addressed my health concerns, but I discovered a nutrition and lifestyle method to achieve sustainable weight-loss. I lost 14kg in the first two months of following this method and never gained the weight back.

The signature method I discovered for sustainable weight-loss uses the principles of Alkaline Nutrition combined with a Mediterranean diet. I am from the Aegean Mediterranean Coast and understand the benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle and approach to eating, so it was natural to incorporate these elements to make healthy eating achievable and accessible for everyone. I call this signature method, The Alka-Terranean Method™.💚

I went on to obtain numerous accreditations in nutrition to expand my knowledge as I became passionate about helping others experience the benefits of my method. The success through coaching others was so successful and so rewarding that I left my career as a Computer Engineer and became a full-time Nutrition Coach, based in London and coaching clients all over the world including the UK, Australia, the USA and Europe. 

With a background in banking as an Engineer, I am obsessed with numbers, data, and statistics. Tracking my clients’ progress and results closely is my way of providing the best guidance and support to keep them accountable and motivated throughout the process. Since 2015, I have coached over 5,000 people to achieve their weight-loss goals. The results have been so positive with all my clients losing between 4-12kgs in their first month. I am proud to report that 80% of my clients have reached their goals in less than 2 months and 70% feel confident in maintaining the new habits they have learned when working with me and sustaining their new healthy lifestyle.

  Start Your Transformation 

When Working With Me You Will

  • Learn my nutrition principles to achieve sustainable weight-loss which includes a combination of alkaline nutrition with mediterranean diet. (The Alka-Terranean Method)
  • Lose between 4 - 12kgs in your first month. (Yes, I can guarantee that because I have helped over 5000 people do it!)
  • Understand a healthy, holistic approach to achieving sustainable weight-loss with habits that will last forever.
  • Adopt a non-diet approach to losing weight and feeling good in your body, without feeling restricted.
  • Implement new lifestyle habits to help cope with stress, improve sleep, energy and support exercise routines.

  • Fast, sustainable, intelligent weight-loss without dieting 
  • Lose between 4 to 12 kgs in your first month
  • Improved Gut Health 
  • Increased Energy (Wake up feeling energized in the mornings without an alarm clock)
  • Glowing Skin & Hair
  • Better Digestion & Less Bloating
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Easier PMS & Periods (many of my clients shared they noticed changes in their periods and PMS symptoms such as less pain, better mood etc..)

My Accreditations

  • Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching from the Institute of Health Sciences
  • Member to UK Health Coaches Association
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Program through the University of Natural Health
  • Training in Child Nutrition from the Stanford School of Medicine
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy from the Ludwig Maximillian University
  • Health Psychology in Practice from Spectrum Mental Health
  • Certificate in Clinical Weight-Loss Strategies by The Health Sciences Academy
  • Completed courses in Molecular Dietetics from the Irene Diet Academy

More About Me & My Journey and My Method


"With Selen’s coaching, I lost 9 kilos in 2 months and kept them off for another 4 months so far."

- Duaa B.

"Thanks to Alka-Terranean Method, I lost more than 20 kilograms (44 lbs) without restricting myself and without dieting while forming healthy eating habits. I learned how to balance my eating and feel confident about it"

- Victoria S.

"I lost 10 pounds during my time with her (approx 2 months) even though I started at a healthy weight.  More importantly, my energy and hormonal balance restored. It improved my mood, body and skin!"

- Jackie S.

"I had unbelievable results in a short time. In addition to losing nearly 20kg and reaching my ideal weight in a reasonable time, I regained my health back and my diet was appreciated by my doctors due to the changes on my hormonal levels."

- Cagla B.

"My boyfriend, who was 96 kilograms before the program, lost 14 kilograms in a short amount of time like 3 weeks! And I started to look a lot fitter and healthier."

- Melissa G.

"Selen has helped me lose over 30 lbs in the duration of my time with her — 22 the first time, and 8 the second time, years later."

- Katharine K.